Luc Berthouze

I am a Professor of Complex Systems at University of Sussex. My work lies at the intersection of mathematics (dynamical systems, random processes, graph/network theory), engineering (control theory, signal processing, robotics) and neurophysiology (EEG, EMG, MEG, kinematics). Most of my current research focuses on dynamical processes on networks, be it synchronisation of neuronal activity in health and disease, epidemics on structured networks, or fault events in large-scale computer networks. My research typically involves developing analysis methods and/or mathematical results. I am (or have been) funded by various bodies including the Leverhulme Trust, InnovateUK, and industrial partners. I am a Honorary Associate Professor at the UCL Great Ormond Street Hospital Institute of Child Health.

University of Sussex

Department of Informatics


BN1 9QH Brighton, UK


Apr 9, 2021 Paper “Inference of Brain Networks with Approximate Bayesian Computation – assessing face validity with an example application in Parkinsonism” (with West, Farmer and Litvak) appears in Neuroimage [link].
Feb 1, 2021 We welcome new PhD student Giles Winchester in the lab. Giles will be work on our project: Monitoring and management of large-scale communication networks [link].
Dec 31, 2020 Paper “PDE-limits of stochastic SIS epidemics on networks” (with Di Lauro, Croix, and Kiss) appears in Journal of Complex Networks [link].
Nov 2, 2020 Paper “Network Inference from Population-Level Observation of Epidemics” (with Di Lauro, Croix, Dashti and Kiss) appears in Scientific Reports [link].
Aug 3, 2020 An article in the Telegraph briefly refers to our latest work on how network structure can modulate the impact of lockdown measures on disease-induced herd immunity [link].